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   CMC Toothpaste Grade


Toothpaste is a dispersed system composed of abrasives, moisturizers, former, essence and water etc. CMC is one of the most important raw materials in toothpaste and plays the role of mixing evenly the fluid and solid material, making the toothpaste molding, flowing, moderate thickness, brightness and smoothness. Furthermore, it helps the powders and liquids emulsify evenly to become the stable soliquoid, and plays the extremely important role in stability and diffusivity. 

CMC is mainly used as thickener in toothpaste to prevent its solids from liquids. It makes the toothpaste thickness, strip shape and good frame and not be runny, soft and thin on the toothbrush, and meanwhile, it keeps brightness and smoothness. 
*The Substituent is distributed evenly and appropriately. It has the good property of salt tolerance, acid tolerance, anti-enzyme and strong hydrophilicity. 
*Good water solubility and water conservation, the oil and water do not separate with each other. 
*Excellent moisture retention and strip shape.
*Appropriate viscosity and thixotropism, good property of shear-thinning. Easy dispersion and swelling in the production process makes filling production convenient. 
*Good protection for colloid and Strong emulfication.
*Helps suspension of paints and abrasives. 
*Helps essence emanation and good taste.
*Moderate flowing of the paste, easy to be transported and easy to be squeezed from the toothpaste tube.
*Good flexibility and diffusivity, and paste squeezed with less tail. 
Produce the different CMC with thickening and rheologic property through adjusting and controlling of the production formula as well as production technology. It will be applicable to producing the diverse toothpaste. 
.High thickening toothpaste grade products
*Good rheology makes the better thickening property.
*Good solubility, quick collosol and fast production efficiency.
*Lower viscosity in production process to reduce the burden of the equipment. After filling and in the storage condition, the toothpaste will be returned to be higher and suitable viscosity. 
.Common toothpaste grade products 
*Moderate viscosity and suitable thickening property. 
*Good compatibility with other materials in toothpaste.
*Strong salt tolerance, stable quality. It is suitable for regular formula toothpaste, herbal toothpaste and toothpaste with other effect. 
The product of high substitution degree 
*High substitution, and substitution is of good uniformity.
*Low thixotropy, stable thickening property.
*Especially used for transparent toothpaste, and make it transparent, bright and clear.


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